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DK Traders is a renowned Used and old office furniture buyerofficeshowroom, bank, office furniture buyer and leading scrap dealer in Delhi NCR. Our Expertise is in buying Old office furniture, Office furniture dismantling, Office dismantling services and buying scrap in Delhi NCR.

Being based in Delhi NCR we have a wide services scope in dealing scrap around this area. At present we are the leading company in Delhi NCR, Which deals in buying of Old office and showroom furniture and other scrap items such as Used Office furniture, showroom furniture, Old AC plant, used generator, old workstations, second hand partitions, machinery, ups, batteries, panels, scraps, heavy scraps, metal scraps etc… We provide excellent option to our client those who are interested in selling second hand old office furniture and scrap at the good price in Delhi NCR.

Old Office Furniture Buyer and Office, Bank, Showroom Dismantling Experts

DK Traders has established itself as one of the pioneers in Office Dismantling Vendor Service Provider in Delhi NCR. Apart from this, our expertise lies in dismantling services. We are one of the Largest buyer of used office showroom bank furniture in Delhi NCR.

Our services

DK Traders provides wide range of Scrap related services. We have profound experience in buying of scrap and also Used, old home and office furniture in Delhi NCR. we are the leading business enterprise of scrap in Delhi NCR. We provide variety of Scrap related services like :

 Old Office Furniture Buyers In Delhi Gurgaon Noida Etc NCR Areas
Office Dismantling Scrap Dealer In Delhi NCR

Bank Dismantling Service
Office Furniture Buying Services

Office Dismantling and Demolition in Delhi NCR

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